The Directors' Report

The directors' report

The details required by statute to be disclosed in the directors' report include statements on the following:

1. The state of the company's affairs.

2. Recommended dividend.

3. Proposed transfers to reserves.

4. Principal activities of the company and its subsidiaries.

5. Market value of land shown on the balance sheet, if the market value differs substantially from the balance sheet value.

6. Significant changes in fixed assets.

7. Proportions of turnover and contribution to net income of the principal activities.

8. Turnover of exports from the United Kingdom, where exports exceed £250,000.

9. Average number of employees on the payroll throughout the year, where they exceed 100, and their aggregate remuneration.

10. Political or charitable contributions, where they total more than £50.

11. Shares or debentures issued during the year, with details.

12. Names of directors who served during the year.

13. Directors' ownership of shares and debentures in the company.

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